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       No matter if you have called Carencro home for

generations or have recently joined our community, Carencro is a wonderful place to call your home and raise your family.

       I have lived in Carencro all of my life. It is my home and where I have chosen to raise my children. I have worked in a family business here for 30 years and over time have

acquired more and more responsibility. I have had the primary responsibility of running our family business for over a decade.


 I am a proud single mother of wonderful children, Derek 29, Anna Camille 16 and Eva Jeanee 13. I am very involved in my Community, Children’s Schools and Industry. All of this has given me an amazing education.

       I would like to use my business and people skills to move Carencro forward. The management of the day to day

operations of our City, the planning for our future and growth are the tasks I most look forward to.

I want to be your Mayor – for my family and for yours.

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