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Community Agenda 


• Formulate a Master Plan for our City, a guide for future growth. Learn from other Communities, their perils and success. The future of Carencro should be determined with Input from All Citizens. Collectively we will set goals that will ensure the greatest success possible that will carry our city into the coming decades.  


• Budgeting and Money Management – Careful management of the City’s resources to help our citizens obtain “The most Bang for our Buck”. Efficiency is the key to innovation and progression. I know how hard you work, I'll work to ensure that you get a return on your investment in our city. 


• Welcome and encourage the citizens of Carencro to be more involved in the future of the City of Carencro. I want my children to feel invested in the city they grew up in. I want them to feel no matter where they end up, they always have a place to call home that they can be proud of. 


• Streamlining the Future Development in the City of Carencro – Land Use. Keeping current resources and infrastructure (Utilities, Drainage and Public Safety) in mind to ensure they are not neglected as our city moves forward. 


• Maintenance, Expansion, and Improvement of our existing infrastructure - Water, Sewer, Roads, Drainage. Although not the most glamorous aspect of city management, utilities are arguably one of the most critical features of our city that ensures a comfortable family & business environment in our city. 


• Preservation of what makes Carencro Special while embracing the Future – Honoring the Past, with a Vision for the Future.

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